Thanks for stopping by the DMAI HeadShotLOUNGE™ sponsored by TripAdvisor!  With 350 million unique monthly visitors globally, TripAdvisor provides the largest audience of travelers who are actively planning and enjoying travel. Looking to reach travelers who already have your destination on their shortlist? Those considering the competition? Those located in your targeted markets? Or, perhaps, those that align behaviorally with your offerings? TripAdvisor allows you to reach travelers at every stage of the travel life cycle – both on TripAdvisor and across the Internet. Learn about our newest native, video and mobile offerings.


Renown photographer Chuck Fazio's "96 Hours In!" is a great new concept to bring attention and excitement to your destination.  Chuck parachutes into your destination and has ONLY 96 hours to capture enough stunning images to display at a VIP exhibition opening at the 97th hour!  CLICK HERE for more info and to see media clips of "96 Hours in Monterey!"

Click on the photographer who took your picture and then scroll to yours. Pictures are uploaded each night so check back for yours.  Questions? EMAIL US

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