An exhibition of my Cuba work at the King Center in Melbourne, FL.

I have selected these images from among the thousands I have taken over the two years I have been traveling to CUBA for the largest photography exhibition in the history of the King Center.

Enjoy them and feel free to leave me some comments.  Chuck Fazio

Christopher P. Baker is the 2008 Lowell Thomas Award 2008 'Travel Journalist of the Year' and leads tours to Cuba for National Geographic.

"Colored as if by Crayola, overflowing with vibrant Pantones, Chuck Fazio’s iconic images paint this sensual, vivacious, tormented Caribbean island in bold relief. You can virtually feel Havana’s crumbling magnificence and smell moist aromas of tobacco floating over lush palm-studded landscapes. There are the classic American autos rolling down potholed streets or drawing you in when shown in adorable detail. There are the proud Cubans—composed, self-assured artists and weather-beaten farmers—up close and personal. And the smiling children. Always in Cuba smiling children! This engaging, emotive exhibition is also a class act in composition: A perfect demonstration of creative use of depth of field and finessed framing. The Escambray Mountains seen through a telescoping oval window… a trumpet player silhouetted in stark profile… An old lady’s legs protruding from a decayed door stoop. ‘Cuba Exhibition’ makes viewers want to pack their backs and go!"

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