Thanks for stopping by TheHeadShotLOUNGE at ASAE17! 

It was a pleasure and an honor for my staff and I to photograph you! As you can see by the quality of your picture, and those of our friends, we really are THE BEST at this. :-)  We hope you agree!  If you have any feedback, please send me an email

To get your picture(s), simply click on the day you were photographed and then scroll to your picture and hit the download button. It's that easy! As you can see, we've uploaded most of your poses so feel free to download any and all our and our partners' compliments!

Speaking of which...

The LOUNGE is brought to you by the ASAE Foundation and its partners Visit ASHEVILLE, VISIT SAVANNAH, VISIT TAMPA BAY, QUEBEC Convention Center and the our newest partner, CITRINCOOPERMAN.

And, if you would like your picture removed, please EMAIL US and we'll take care of it quickly.

If you would like more info on how TheHeadShotLounge can bring your organization much needed sponsorship dollars while being a great attendee benefit, click the link to the left.

Thanks again and I'll see you next year in Chicago or better yet, at your next meeting.

peace. Chuck Fazio

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