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"96 Hours In.....!"

As a DMO, you are always looking for fun new ways to showcase your destination. What better way to do that than with art of one of the country's most significant nature photographers, Chuck Fazio, the Artist-in-Residence to American Forests, the nation's oldest conservation organization.   

It's called 96 Hours because the fun part of the experience is how  Chuck 'parachutes' into your destination and has only96 hours to capture its essence!  The clock is ticking as Chuck traverses your destination using his unique style to capture its essence in ways hopefully never seen before.  Adding even more fun to the activity is just HOW Chuck will capture your images. As a licensed drone operator, Chuck will do it by air. Of course on the ground with his NIKONS and if you are a 'watery' kind of place, Chuck will strap on the scuba gear and go underwater!  

Even more 'pressure' is created because you've scheduled a VIP exhibition at the end of the 4 days so Chuck HAS to get 'the goods!"  

Will he?  Only time will tell!

Take a look at how Monterey County used '96 Hours" to showcase one of the most stunning areas in the country!

The time limitation provides a fun hook that your local media will find 'newsworthy.' Take a look at some local coverage:  

And best of all,  you get to keep all the still and video footage!

If you'd like more information on how "96 Hours In" can be tailored to provide you with maximum fun, excitement and exposure, EMAIL or call us at (703) 801-0700

These photos were all taken during the 96 hours in Monterey!

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