ICCA17 - chuckFAZIOphotography


Thank you for stopping by The HeadShotLOUNGE at the ICCA World Congress Tech Pavilion sponsored by Hangzhou!

The HeadShotLounge was part of The Tech Bar by the DAHLIA+ Agency.

Dahlia+ brings new meeting design concepts like these and others, in order to create great new attendee experiences!

For more information on how we can partner to bring these exciting concepts to your next event, click here. [www.empowerment.events]  

Scroll through the images until you find yours and then hover over you picture. A download icon will appear. Please download any and all of your poses.

If you would like more information on bringing The Tech Bar and the HeadShotLOUNGE to your next meeting, EMAIL US

If you would like your pictures removed, please EMAIL US

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