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Photo by Erin Murdock

Experience & Photograph* Cuba!  

5 Days $2,499  9 Days $3,499

INCLUDING FREE AIRFARE!*if you book 30+ days before your trip


Join American Forests Artist-in-Residence Chuck Fazio for 5 amazing days in Cuba experiencing it like a local and shooting it like a pro! 

Join Chuck Fazio, the first-ever Artist-in-Residence to American Forests, the nation's oldest conservation organization for 5-9  fabulous days of meaning and adventure  in Cuba!  

Chuck's trips are total Cuban immersion experiences.  You will live, eat, talk and help Cubans to see what it means to be an American.  You will experience Cuba as they do, seeing for yourself the changes made to that once communist country, changes that include Cuban's ability to own and operate virtually any kind of business.

You'll meet artists and homemakers. You'll experience the best of Cuban music and art.

And you'll help. Each of Chuck's guests is required, in fulfillment of the OFAC license we use, to bring a suitcase of ANYTHING- old clothes, OTC medicines, and toys for the kids.  The purpose is to help and to show Cubans the basic altruism of an American.

We'll walk the backstreets of Havana, seeing things few American ever have. We'll photograph the people, the culture, the architecture and the food of Cuba from its capital to its beautiful countryside.You will get to shoot side-by-side and learn from one of America's renown travel, landscape and nature photographers. It'll be fun and at the end, you'll be an ambassador of the American Way of life and, you'll be shooting like a pro!

Chuck has been to Cuba NUMEROUS times and he likes to say that he knows his way around La Habana better than he does any American City!

*This experience is NOT just for photographers but for anyone who wants to experience Cuba. If you don't take pictures, you can be the subject of ours so imagine leaving from your trip and having dozens of professional photographs of it!

RESERVE NOW! Space is VERY limited to 3-5  people per trip for a truly intimate learning experience.

Trips are generally from Thursday afternoon to Monday afternoon. We will arrive in Havana around 1:30pm on Thursday and depart at 2:30pm on Monday.

July 27-August 5th• This trip is in two parts so you can book one or both.  $2,599 -$3,499

We have the normal Havana trip and then head to Trinidad and Santa Clara.

October 5-9th

(Minimum 2 guests per trip) 


Each trip will feature a very special talk from Marc Frank, an American journalist living in Cuba for the past 30 years. You'll know more about Cuba after this trip than 99.99% of Americans.

BOOK NOW BECAUSE President Trump is promising to restrict travel to CUBA again!

Your home in Cuba

Viñales Valley
Viñales Coconut

Trip Includes:

RT air from DC (up to $500 ), visa, accommodations at casa particulars, taxis, and photo instruction.  

It's highly suggested you purchase our meal & beverage plan so you never have to dip into your wallet. The plan includes all your food and beverages throughout your stay and is only $375.


You'lI feel incredibly safe the entire trip. In fact, people have said they feel  safer in Havana than in any other major city. On previous trips, there were no hassles with the authorities who did nothing but help when needed. The Cuban people and the authorities are friendly towards Americans.

The joy of this trip is that is it an authentic Cuban experience.  You'll enjoy sitting  in the park in the downtown area, simply people watching and talking to Cubans who are thrilled to meet an American.

Yes, tons to see but the joy of the trip is to do the mundane and just experience life as it's lived in Cuba. We will visit most every place you see in the slide show above.  

One caution is there isn’t a hospital on every corner and services can be remote. Get a heart attack and help isn’t 5 minutes away. You agree to take on all the responsibility of the trip. 

If you have done any research on Cuba and there is something you think would be cool to see, let me know Let me know ASAP if you want to go by emailing me.



Is it legal to visit Cuba?  President Trump has pledged to roll back the clock on American's ability to visit Cuba so if yo unwept to go COME NOW! Your visit must fit into one of 13 categories. Ours falls into the "People-to-People" category where we will  experience Cuban cultural activities such as the "Buena Vista Social Club" and Tropicana Cabaret.

What about money?  

Your USD will be converted to the  Cuban CUC. Although it's 1CUC/1USD, there are significant conversion fees. You should bring at least $500 in cash.

Where do we stay? 

We will stay in what are called casa particulars, essentially people's homes.  Depending upon the size of the group, these can range form Cuban mansions, to apartments downtown.

What does my fee cover?

Airfare and your visa, accommodations,  taxis and photo instruction.  Entrance fees to Tropicana Cabaret, Gran Teatro and other optional activities like horse back riding are not covered,

Please call Chuck directly if you have any questions. (703) 801-0700

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